Diabetics’ Weight Loss Program


That’s what my auntie asked me when she saw that I lost the excess pounds over less than two months. I didn’t want to give her false hopes. I promised to do some research on the question and find out if there was a reliable weight loss method for persons suffering from diabetes.

Before answering my aunt, I wanted to learn more about the disease called diabetes. I found out that diabetes was a chronic condition in which the blood sugar (glucose) reached high levels. There were two types of diabetes, I read – Diabetes Type 1, which was insulin-dependent, and Diabetes Type 2, which was not. Certain types of foods had to be consumed with both types, and moderate physical exercise was highly recommended. I don’t claim that this is the most precise depiction of the disease. It was enough for me to find out that a weight loss program intended for diabetics required a special dietary regimen.

And because it is dangerous to stick to a dietary regimen without consulting a medical professional, I decided to ask people who had been out there and tried the method.

When following my dietary program, I met a woman called Catherin. She suffered from Diabetes Type 2 and was overweight since she was a child. In high school, her schoolmates called her the ‘Big Cat’ The nickname came from the notorious World War II weapon – ‘The Big Bertha’

And so, years past but Catherin was unable to lose weight. The reason lied in her disease. Diabetes.

Today, Catherin is a well-built blond American. Even now, when I look at her picture on my desk, I envy her perfect figure a bit. If life’s strange twists haven’t met us, I would have never believed she was overweight before.

I will try to recap a part of the conversation we had on our first meeting.‘How I lost 50 pounds in 8 weeks with ease’‘When I first heard about this weight loss program, I was quite skeptical about it. Most programs do not take into consideration some key facts about overweight diabetics. And namely:
• We should not consume foods that increase blood sugar levels rapidly;
• We should not feel hungry between the separate meals;
• It is very important to exercise without having diabetic seizures;
• Foods should be so selected that they don’t facilitate the accumulation of fat in the adipose tissues of the body.

I know it sounds complicated. People like me know what I mean. But anyhow, let me put it in simple words.

To lose weight, I wanted to eat without limiting myself. To buy foodoutside. To have a delicious meal. To be able to carry out my daily tasks without putting excessive strain on myself.’

Dear friend, do you want to do that as well?

To eat a nutritious, tasty food 4 – 5 times a day and still lose weight? Even more important, your body will be supplied with all necessary vitamins, minerals, and proteins, with you feeling just great.

There are over 21 million overweight diabetics in the United States. She and thousands of others were a part of this statistics.

But they aren’t anymore.

Join them.

Transform your life now.