Does PhenQ Have Side Effects?


The perpetually growing ‘obesity’ trend over the last decade is an intimidating indication towards a major global health risk. According to a WHO survey report, even back in 2005 at least 400 million adults were obese while 20 million children under the tender age of 5 were found to be significantly overweight.

To effectively combat the various health implications that come along with obesity, several alluring fat burning and appetite restraining drugs such as PhenQ are on sale in the market today.

The increasingly popular PhenQ, manufactured by a FDA approved US based pharmaceutical laboratory, when taken along with controlled diet and regular exercise is said to cut down about 3-5 pounds per week on an average scale.

In order to restrain the growing appetite, PhenQ stimulates the central nervous system so that the concerned person does not feel hungry. It also effectually activates several enzymes to increase the metabolic rate in the body by several folds.

This leads to gradual weight loss due to consumption of fewer calories and combustion of stored fats to perform metabolism.

Almost all weight loss dietary supplements or slimming tablets leads to either one or many side effects and PhenQ proves no ingenuity to this fact. Even though PhenQ is proclaimed to be highly effective, its users have reported several minor side effects over time which however are not life threatening by any means. The most commonly reported PhenQ side effects are listed below:

Increase in blood pressure level which may in turn lead to severe headache, blurred vision, continual buzz in the ear, anxiety, chest pain, dry mouth, severe vomiting and even seizure

Palpitation or rapid increase in heart beat rate


Insomnia or irregularity in sleeping pattern

Foul taste in mouth

Constipation, stool inconsistency, diarrhea, perpetually upset stomach and other gastrointestinal disturbances

Change in libido or sex drive pattern


Dysphoria or state of prolonged nervousness and restlessness

Euphoria or extreme sense of well being

Severe allergic reaction such as rash, itching, shortness of breath, chest tautness, swelling in the mouth, lips or tongue

Numbness of arm or leg

Irritability, unusual or bizarre behavior

The above mentioned list of PhenQ side effects is not a complete one. Also, the impact of these side effects keeps varying in different users depending on factors such as one’s general health, age and dosage. In case either of the side effects keeps occurring persistently and becomes inconvenient to be dealt with individually, one should immediately consult a doctor.

In case of high blood pressure, diabetes or overactive thyroid disorder, one should avoid the intake of PhenQ and prevent its consequent side effects. Since this slimming drug is fairly addictive, anyone with a history of drug abuse should strictly stay away from it.

Also, it is extremely necessary to duly follow the exact dosage of PhenQ as prescribed by the doctor. Over or under dosage of the drug can lead to unpleasant side effects and withdrawal symptoms.
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