Weight Loss and Personal Fitness


We try one diet plan, then another, then another.

Maybe we get some results only to gain the weight loss back, sometimes with a couple extra pounds as a bonus. In fact, it gets more difficult to start again for fear of failing yet another time.

Weight Loss Success

OK I get it, I’ve been there.

First you have to start with a sensible plan; one you can live with for life. No starvation, no crazy concoctions, and if you want to lose more than a few pounds, no pills. The food should be pleasing to you, healthy for you, and the amounts satisfying. Remember, if you want the fat loss to be permanent, the changes you make will have to be as well.

What kind of plan is best.

Your body (just like you) is unique. How it responds to a plan isn’t necessarily the same as someone else’s body. The main point here is, pick a plan that is healthy and sustainable. The weight may come off quickly or somewhat more slow. Just as long as it comes off and stays off.

Barriers to losing weight.

The good news is most barriers are either knowledge based or emotional. Becoming informed on nutrition, fitness, and health in general, is very important. For one thing it is empowering, and you will be less susceptible to scams. Be aware though, information regarding losing weight is diverse, and hotly debated. Experts alone cannot agree very often. So learn as much as you can, and pay attention how your body responds.

Emotions are what drive us and we are often conflicted by them. Sometimes we sabotage ourselves, and then fall into a funk wondering why we do it. Let’s be a little accepting of this. We know what we do, the best plan is to use these times to learn more about ourselves. Obviously eating a huge (make that two) pieces of German Chocolate cake isn’t what we wanted. So what was it we did want (and get) from doing it? Understanding these things is what empowers us to make the changes we want. You’ll be amazed as your mind gives up these secrets a few at a time.

Finally there are some diseases that make losing weight more difficult. PCOS, Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, is just such a one. It is mainly a hormone imbalance and puts women in a high risk for Diabetes. It is far more prevalent than you know and is usually not diagnosed until the mid twenties if even then. My best advice is to do a browser search on it. Then if you are concerned, speak to your healthcare adviser.


Everybody has a diet just as everyone has a budget. Some people pay no more attention to what they eat than they do how much they spend. If you are wealthy and thin enough that’s OK. For the rest of us, we need a plan. Unless you are in a health crisis your diet plan needn’t be life controlling. Pick a healthy and satisfying plan. Again, this is not about the plan controlling you, it’s about you controlling your life and lifestyle. Begin becoming informed on health, fitness, and nutrition. Just the process of doing this is motivating and empowering. Finally, your weight loss journey will be an amazing discovery as you learn more about you.